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Two Things to Pass The Time in Anticipation for Vancouver’s Summer

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Vancouver in late May and early June exhibits some of the nicest weather the city will see for the year. The heat, still bearable with the humidity. School still in session and most people haven’t taken their Vacations yet. This simply means the city isn’t busy, yet! During this more relaxed time in the city, you can expect to see some more relaxed events like these two.

Polyglot Unconference 2019

Polyglot. What does that mean? A polyglot is commonly thought of as someone who knows or uses several languages. Of course, this should expand to additionally encompass those who speak multiple coding languages. This Polyglot Unconference 2019 is exactly that. Hosted by the Polyglot Software Association, this event occurs on Saturday, May 25, 2019 This purpose of this (un)conference is to share practices and break boundaries between users of different development languages. This goes to include the learning of new coding languages. The best part? It’s all spontaneous! The topics and panels are driven by the participants needs and wants. Tickets are $30 for students (including post-secondary institutions) and $65 for everyone else!

12th Annual Golf Tournament

Perhaps you want something a little more traditional and with a bit more of a fundraiser feel. For the locals, there is a strong need in Vancouver to help out those without homes. The issue is large and permeates through many parts of the city. This 12th Annual Golf Tournament for the Homeless hopes to raise enough funds to challenge and mitigate that issue. Tickets range from $65 to $250 depending on what part of the fundraiser you want to participate in. And of course, if you can’t make it, a donation is always welcome — this can be done on the event page.

Days apart, but miles away from each other, it would be hard to check out both events and find a place that is central so that you won’t miss any of the other happenings in Vancouver on those days. That being said, we know just the place for you to set up camp. At the Quality Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown, you’ll be short bus rides or drives away from either event, that you won’t have reason to worry about missing anything else in the city.



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